Experiment Design and Administration for Computer Clusters

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Parallelisation of target algorithm runs across independent compute nodes
Graphical and statistical analysis of experiment results
Free and open-source

EDACC is a framework for the design, execution and analysis of large experiments with arbitrary algorithms on computer clusters. It automates many of the tasks commonly done manually such as distributing the algorithm executables across compute nodes, running the required computation tasks and collecting the results.

Core components

Optional components


The latest release contains the GUI application, which can be used to set up an EDACC database, and the computation client. We recommend working with the latest development versions.

edacc-0.4.1.zip, 8.7M Sourcecode


EDACC was used to conduct the following solver competitions:

It was also used in tuning some of the solvers that participated in these competitions (see publications).


EDACC is developed at the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science of Ulm University and introduced in the following publications:

Some references to EDACC in scientific work, publications and articles include: